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Once, I was Shy, Quiet, and Meek
Once, I was shy, quiet, and meek,
Afraid to even try and speak,
But no more says I, Never again,
Will I keep it inside, like a cooped up hen,
I'm tired of fearing what others might think,
If I talk, walk, or do as I choose,
Tired of being the shadow everyone sees, but not hears,
Tired of cowering at my sadness and fears,
I shall be myself, and do as I choose,
For truly I have nothing to lose,
I am who I am, and that is a fact,
I will be free, and that is my pact,
Tightly I clutch this promise with all my might,
Happily I walk from the shadows and into the light.
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The Cry in the Night
On a small island in the middle of the sea, a small cottage cheerfully glowed bright with the soft light of a fire. All around it snow poured from the dark night sky, swirling around to and fro on the currents of the wind. Inside the cottage, a little boy sat curled up by the fireplace, staring at the blaze while his grandpa sat behind him, in a old wooden rocking chair, quietly rocking back and forth. This is how most of their days would go by, living in this quiet atmosphere as time itself ever moved on. The silent air was broken by the little buy who sat up with a yawn. "Grandpa?" he called, The old man opened his eyes and peered down at his grandson. "Will we ever leave this island someday?"  The old man began to chuckle at the boy's question, a amused smile shone on this wrinkled face. "whats wrong grandpa?" the boy asked. Oh how you remind me of myself, he replied. Wanting to go out adventuring and such. He stared out the window at the swirling snow and the calm tides, And what a
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hinata hyuuga
Hoping one day that her dream will come true,
It keeps her burning strong day after day,
Never letting doubts or fears keep her down,
Always looking forward and never back,
This is who she is and what she lives by
A girl who dares to dream of knowing love
Her attempts at wooing him never work well
Yet she never gets discouraged, no chance
Until that day when her wish comes true
Until that day when she knows his embrace
Graceful and kind, a women she will be
Always ready to lend a helping hand
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mindlessly they siege the port, holding the people prisoner within their home
but one day their mighty weapon will sink beneath the cold waves and they'll be at the mercy of the people that they tormented,
i stand here now in the holy grove, where the harvest blooms in full maturity,
reaping natures blessed reward and growing strong,
far away from where their conflict rages on,
ever waiting for when they return our bloody favor
and when that time comes, when they bring their hate filled weapons to attack our shore,
i for one will be waiting, ready to take a stand
even though we did start this, i for one shall not be made a victim of my people's mistakes
your guns shall blaze, your cannons shall boom, and amidst it all both sides shall fall to hate and rage,
and thats all that needs to be said...
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shyness and popularity
would you choose to be popular at the cost of losing yourself,
or would you choose to be isolated at the cost of remaining alone
both sides have pros and cons,
indeed this Be's true
but both have their final rewards..
things that make it all worth it
having great friends at your side and having a sense of belonging
or being at peace with yourself, body and mind, not a stressful care in the world
for me I love being shy, I know who I am and I do what I love
I stay the way I am because of a lack of fear coming from what my friends
might think
a content shadow who wanders the world alone, seeking new things from his own personal point of view
his thoughts and feelings untainted by conflicting views and emotions...
ah peace I know thee well:3
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a unfulfilled romance
a bored stare I see now, she's waiting for class to end
ah how i find her beautiful
her smiling face her nice warm eyes and wonderful personality
she sets my soul afire with her smile
but alas she is a taken, a boyfriend she has
oh what id give to be him
to have that angel holding my hands
silently walking down the hallway
sharing small glances and laughing at jokes
but alas I'm naught but a peasant, a creep
one who watches her from afar
never able to speak how i feel
for a coward i am, and shy to boot
but i wait for the time she is in need of help,
for ill gladly rush into the fray
because to harm her is a sin i can't ignore
and to defend her does not need words, only strength
i dream for the day that i sit beneath a wooden porch, with her sitting side by side
watching heavens tears pour from above
but then reality kicks in and i know that'll never be
but perhaps in time well see
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the bodies of the enemy litter the field making it a sign of death and
carnage, but also serve as a testament to what man can do to another
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a sniper who hides in the shadows,
never missing her target, a excellent marksmen she be's
although shes a girl, gender doesn't matter one bit,
shell kick your arse any day!
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and so happiness continues throughout our lives
we laugh and we cry, we fight and we make up, everyday emotions that
make life worth while, im one who enjoys watching the happiness of others,
it makes me feel good knowing that its still there
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a shadow of darkness who conquers his foes
patiently waiting for his foes last breathe...
carnage he loves indeed
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a shadow of death
a shadow of death, causing mayhem and destruction to his foes,
their blood giving him strength over the burning hot desert
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ever does the river flow,
forward and backward and sideways it goes
from lakes to shores to bays and oceans,
it never stays still...
its like a adventurer seeking his future, going where the wind takes him
even if its to his death...
because they both would move towards unknown things
a life of moving, seeing, knowning, and doing,
rather than staying put and disappearing quietly into times dust
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Take a Stand
When one hears the word "war" images come to mind
death, destruction, and violence divine,
but a rarely mentioned one is peace, indeed this bes true
to have peace, living in wonder and bliss,
you must be willing to take a stand,
against evils darkened hand
words sadly die where strength reigns supreme
the weak cringing beneath the bullies feet
unable to protect themselves... who they are, who they love,
without strength, the good hearted slowly disband,
so band together lads, good and tight
Let's take take a stand against evil's might
because against our combined forces, valiant and true...
well sir, we just cant lose
The bullies heart will wither and die
fleeing before us with whimpered cries
and left behind in their cowardly wake
is a land strong free and true
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The aftermath
the end of the war is done...
although there will be many hardships...
many friends to grieve, many things that need to be fixed..
the future is bright
because we made the choice to take a stand against our oppressors...
because we made a stand for who we are
and because we didn't care to see a day when kindness, joy, and happiness were spat upon and forgotten.
Yes the days ahead are bright indeed,
because we have already taken the first steps to recovery
their are those who got the short end of the stick so to speak...
but over time their wounds will close... seeing as time heals all.
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why does romance appeal to me so?
in some ways i cant really say,
but on the other hand, its quite easy to see
why oh why its enjoyable to me
i love their unspoken silence,
both embarrassed to speak how they feel,
yet its there, a burning hunger to be satisfied
a urge to make their dreams come true!
And being the watcher that I am,
I drool with anticipation for that moment,
to watch as their two lives become one,
since i am one who longs for the day, that such a thing would happen to me.
but alas i have not the courage or so i may say
but one day..
one day that shall be me
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The Start of a Great Story...
Sir Abbott Walter the 3rd,
recording on the day of May the 25th
In the orchard I now watch and wait for the feast. All around me are dark stone walls covered in soft green moss and full of cracks from age. It's the only place where sunlight shines within the caves and thus, needless to say it's the highest point throughout our home. It overlooks the village from atop a rocky ledge.
Besides the ledge, it's sealed off on all sides except for the shaft that we use to reach it. Why it's like that I'll never know... The dull flickering lights of lanterns shine brightly throughout the darkened cavern, bathing its walls with an orange hue. From outside, the waves of the sea can be heard as they gently pat against the rocky walls, and softly shake the wooden docks, making them creak and moan as they move with the tide.
We are a fishing village, always have been and always will be. Long ago our ancestors came to this place with the intent of making a home. For a long time they worked, carving t
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United States
i've discovered the wonders of inspiration:D mostly because of the different artists that ive seen here and the stories behind their artwork of course:D. if anyone who reads this is a fellow lover of artwork involving backgrounds and such(it might sound cheesy, but the work im talking about is awesome:3) anyways if you're interested please feel free to check my background fav folder:D this is my way of giving back to those who help give heres my thanks

Current Residence: United States
Favourite genre of music: soft rock
Favourite style of art: Anime
Favourite cartoon character: lloyd irving
Personal Quote: Who overcomes by force, hath overcome but half his foe
One of the wonders of having this online journal, means that I can quietly keep records of my thoughts. Id do it on paper, but I'm afraid of the paper falling to pieces in some odd way. In any case, Ive been thinking off and on about death, not in a suicidal way of course, but in a way of excitement. Who knows what comes afterward? maybe I could be reborn as someone else, this logic being taken from not being able to remember anything from before the day that I was 8 years old. I didn't know who I was, what my name was, anything. I just remember waking up in my bed, going into the kitchen and eating. Taking that into consideration, I like to think that rebirth exists, but there are ways to affect the outcome. Maybe suicide would stop you from being reborn in a positive way, or reborn at all. what if its a test in some strange way, and the way it works is that life throws its hardest punches at you in order to observe how you handle the stress. Man typing like this makes me feel like the elderly man I was I was, wrapped in a blanket, constantly reflecting on my actions and passing the days away. I hope to make something of myself and one day move out into that scary world, maybe japan for the culture, maybe Alaska for the cold weather and the half dark years. In any case, this is just the ramblings of a youth with the mindset of a elderly gentleman, so please excuse me for what I might say. In any case, I really am rambling and so I bid adieu.
  • Listening to: Reminicising.


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